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Wipe Out

Wipe Out

A windscreen washer additive we made just for car fanatics.
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After detailing our cars we would always be super cautious about ever hitting the windscreen washer stalk, for fear of the washer fluid potentially etching or affecting our freshly detailed car. So, we have been working for years on a formula that was safe, but also works well enough at cleaning normal road grime, bugs, sea spray and dust from the glass. After testing for the last year on all our road trips and daily driving we have now developed one that fits the bill just right. 

  • Vaporises away with no streaking or smearing, for perfectly clean windscreens.
  • No aggressive solvents, ammonia or salt, safe for all paint, rubbers, chrome and plastic trims.
  • Won't remove or affect quality waxes, sealants or paint protection coatings at the regular daily use ratios.
  • Regular daily use is a 20:1 ratio, so this 1.1 litre concentrate makes up to 21 litres.
  • Cleans off heavier kamikaze bugs and road grime you get on bigger road trip with a 5:1 mix ratio.
  • Does not damage or create stress cracks in polycarbonate headlights.
  • Lubricates wipers so they work better and reduce wiper chatter.
  • Anti-corrosives to stop rust forming on wiper arms and around windscreens.
  • Won't leave water spot / etch marks, especially when used with distilled or filtered rain water.
  • Smells great, so you (or the car behind if you have poorly adjusted wiper jets) can faintly smell it through the car after each use.
  • Australian developed and made.
  • Product Code: BOWOUT
  • Find out more about Wipe Out - the windscreen wash additive for fanatics 

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