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Wheely Clean

Wheely Clean

Our latest version of Wheely Clean that works better, goes further and no longer stinks!
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We are always seeking to better the products we create with constant and ongoing formula revisions. Our Wheely Clean is one such example and this is now the 6th update since we first began formulating it 9 years ago. This latest formula has a real focus on grime cleaning, so it's epic for loosening that dirt and grime, so you can pressure wash the majority of it away with no scrubbing. This formula is a full year of development by our chemists, to create a totally unique variant from 14 quality ingredients, all custom blended in our Queensland factory to be of a world-class quality.

  • No longer smells like arse, as well as allowing your nose hairs to grow back as well! 
  • More effective on brake dust, because this is why you want it.
  • Deeper cleaning of grime with a sophisticated blend of specially selected degreasers and surfactants.
  • Faster working and more time efficient - just 45 seconds to a minute max of dwell time till you pressure wash it off. 
  • A hydrophilic (water-loving) formula so it to spreads nicer and works better on dirty wheels.
  • Acid-free, not corrosive or caustic, just a nice and safe pH-neutral formula.
  • Safe on all wheel types including clear coated, polished alloy, chromed, painted, steel, carbon, anodised, billet, matte finish, and even plastic dipped/coated wheels too.
  • Epic for high-performance and European cars with heavy brake dust issues.
  • Quick to use. Just spray on, wait a minute and quickly scrub, then hose off (pressure washer is strongly advised).
  • Can be scrub-free if you're cleaning just brake dust. Spray on and pressure wash off (watch our video).
  • Cool chemical reaction breaks down brake dust and grime to a purple-coloured water-soluble complex, for easy washing off.
  • Australian made and developed formula - great work from a great team of local chemists! 
  • Convenient 500ml spray bottle.
  • Product Code: BOWHC2