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The Wash Pillow

The Wash Pillow

Huge size for the ultimate in hand satisfaction
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We lusted after a big sized wash tool and as has been said for many years, bigger can be better. This big blue Wash Pillow has been created for the ultimate in satisfaction, for fanatics who like to do it by hand. Its great 3 yarn microfibre is a plush, deep pile blend that we've found to be the best material for super effective cleaning, whilst also minimising the chance of ever creating swirls and micro scratches in your paint. You'll love these cool features:

  • Plush and deep shag pile, to prevent grit and grime creating swirls and micro scratches in modern paint.
  • Huge 25cm x 25cm size gives a greater surface area for fast and super easy washing.
  • Holds a mammoth amount of suds, so you can wash further than ever before.
  • Ideal for the safe washing of larger sized 4x4's, vans, trucks, boats and caravans.
  • New 3 yarn microfibre that's a quality 70% polyester and 30% polyamide blend, to create one of the most effective washing materials you'll ever use.
  • Bright coloured, so you can easily spot any gunk in it and wash it out.
  • Internal foam is stitched in, to keep it firmly located and stop it folding over on itself inside the shaggy material.
  • Light 2cm deep inner sponge holds and easily releases suds, reducing fatigue as you wash.
  • Quality recessed stitching and build, for many years of washing joy that car enthusiasts all need.