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The Square Bear

The Square Bear

For perfect application of all interior products. Low absorption material so you don't lose all your product.
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The Square Bear was created for even cleaning and application of all Leather, Vinyl and Fabric products over uneven interior surfaces. With its low absorbency microfibre, more product goes onto the surface you’re cleaning, rather than being wasted in the applicator. The cushioning sponge fits your hand, giving you great control to where you need the product to go, ending any overlap issues when you have areas with different (say leather and microsuede)materials next to each other. Your life is unbearable without this effective applicator.

  • Created for perfect product application of leather, vinyl and fabric car care products.
  • Dense microfibre weave that is super effective at cleaning away interior specific grime.
  • Saves your time, as you won’t have be cleaning up overspray everywhere.
  • Low absorbency, so your product goes a long way, great for dashes, doors and seats!
  • Soft density sponge, rolls over all uneven surfaces, and removes finger pressure points.
  • Strong/ durable construction, yet safe on delicate interior surfaces.
  • No outside stitching, safe for real delicate interior surfaces.
  • Machine washable and reusable, will last for years when cared for right.

Use with our PLUSH DADDY interior cloth, with a low pile weave side that is bang-on for removing leather, fabric and vinyl cleaning products, leaving a perfect finish every time.