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The Little Chubby

The Little Chubby

A new and very pleasurable 9 inch tool, for your wheels, tyres and engine bays
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The Little Chubby was custom created for us by a local Queensland brush maker, to suit more obsessive fanatics who wanted to safely detail delicate and expensive wheels. Using a solid plastic construction, we chose a soft synthetic bristle as our testing found the natural bristles would become brittle and damaged over time. This 5cm deep bristle will remain flexible, soft and very effective for years of great detailing. It also uses splayed out and sturdy feathered bristles, to be effective enough for the tougher detailing jobs, yet gentle and long lasting. We also added a chemical resistant neoprene bumper to further reduce the chance of ever harming your wheels.

  • Made for easy and fast cleaning of dirty wheel faces, tyres, ute tonneaus and engine bays.
  • Custom picked sturdy, soft and durable synthetic bristles, ideal for use with wheel cleaning liquids.
  • Feathered bristle ends for a more gentle touch.
  • Wide splay, dense bristle head, for a more effective cleaning area.
  • Extra safe, chemical resistant neoprene bumper edge.
  • Ergonomic design and solid build, with a handy non-slip handle.
  • Bristles can regain their shape, just rinse in hot water and hang upside down to dry.
  • Use with our Orange Agent, Wheely Clean and purpose made Wheels bucket.