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The Foursome

The Foursome

When one is not enough
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We have customised this great combination of 4 round detailing brushes for the more fanatical car care lovers out there. A single brush cannot do all the detailing jobs around our cars and bikes, so these different sizes will make lighter work of the more intricate detailing jobs when used with our various Aussie car care products. All brushes have non-slip handles, are metal free, with a quality plastic construction and a super soft boars hair that we personally chose for their longevity and to ensure they won’t ever scratch any delicate surfaces. We know you will love them as much as we do!

  • BIG BOY BRETT: For engine bays and larger areas, with a shorter, stiffer brush construction for shifting grime on the tougher jobs.
  • NUTS AND GUTS: Custom made with extra long bristles, for holding onto more product when detailing wheel nuts and working on hard to reach bug guts in your grills, as well as detailing around emblems, engine bays, petrol fillers and more.
  • THE POUNCER Used on those tighter spots inside your car and out, including leather seat stitching, intricate grills and the intricate areas in your engine bay.
  • LITTLE PEDRO For interior dusting of vents, crevices and stitching when vacuuming. Also great for annoying pets as well as light and erotic tickling of other car people* 
    *Not recommended for extended use on non-car people.