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The Flat Head Brush

The Flat Head Brush

The Flat Head (AKA Flatty) is for easy inner wheel barrel cleaning of open spoke wheels. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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The Flat Head (AKA Flatty) is for easy inner wheel barrel cleaning of open spoke wheels found on many performance and luxury cars. Its custom design is totally metal-free, so it won’t ever scratch your wheels, also incorporating a non-slip textured handle, ideal for when you’re going at it hammer and tongs. Your hand will rejoice over the knuckle saver and remarkable, long hard shaft for going deep into the wheel, keeping you away from any messy grime. It’s taken us a solid year of trial and error to create this one, here's why you’ll enjoy detailing with our Aussie made Flatty.

  • Metal free, so there is nothing that can ever scratch or damage your wheels.
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle with a knuckle protector and long shaft to keep you well away from wheel grime.
  • The brush tip has been designed to flex, making it more versatile in and around the contours of many wheels.
  • Tapered flat head design helps get into tighter spaces with ease.
  • Australian made and designed with a high tensile plastic construction that’s built to last.
  • Uses the best and most absorbent material we’ve ever found for safe and effective wheel cleaning.
  • Removable microfibre sock, with a tight elastic banding, so it can be washed or replaced if needed.
  • Also a very effective gentle back scratcher and epic pet or partner tormenter.
  • Use with our Little Chubby and Foursome brushes for an all-round perfect wheel clean.
  • Works best with Wheely Clean, Orange Agent or any of our car washes in the Wheels bucket.
  • Dimensions: Entire brush length is 50cm. The handle length is 12cm, middle shaft 16.5cm, the head is 21.5cm, head width 4.4cm at widest, tapered to 3cm at narrowest before the tips curve. The head is 2cm deep near the shaft, tapering down to .3mm on the tip. The plush microfibre sock is 25cm long and tapered from 8cm to 6cm wide. 
  • Product code: BOFHEAD