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The Drop Bear

The Drop Bear

The super plush fur, derived direct from one of our more vicious Australian native animals - yeah right.
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THE LEGENDARY AUSTRALIAN FUR from one of the more vicious Australian native animals, the Drop Bear, Thylarctos Plummetus, strikes fear into any Australian who regularly ventures into the bush. This apex predator is renown for its tactic of ambushing prey from above, plummeting from as high as eight metres to make a surprise kill. With the wonders of modern science, we were able to reconstruct this animals majestic pelt in our labs, which can only be described as the most luxurious and beautiful material we have ever let touch our cars. Solving the issue for the fanatical car enthusiasts, who wanted a Drop Bear fur, but lacked the ability to hunt one for themselves.

  • 100% genuine synthesised Drop Bear fur, renown as one of the finest pelts in the world.
  • Ideal for the final wipe down/removal of quality waxes and cleaner residue.
  • Gives perfect, smear free results with glass cleaners, spray waxes and detailing sprays.
  • Drastically reduces the time it takes to get a perfect showroom finish on any painted surface.
  • The softest, deepest weave that is super absorbent and beautiful to use.
  • Micro-soft edges, will NOT scratch or create swirls, unlike silk or polyester lined and stitched cloths.
  • Machine washable and durable. This cloth will last for years when cared for correctly.
  • Highest quality, 960 GSM single pelt fur, with a 70/ 30 polyester to polyamide blend and a very generous 34 x 45cm in size.