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The Big Green Hugger

The Big Green Hugger

A luxurious body drying towel for all occasions
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Introducing the ultimate post-body wash luxury: our large microfibre drying towel is the larger brother of The Big Green Sucker; The Big Green Hugger. Crafted from high-quality microfibre, this towel is ultra-soft, ultra-absorbent, and perfect for drying your whole body. The large size means you can wrap it around yourself for maximum coverage, while the microfibre material effortlessly wicks away moisture, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable in no time.

Not only is this towel practical and functional, but it also adds a pop of colour to your bathroom decor. The bright green hue is sure to stand out and add a touch of fun to your daily routine. Plus, the durable microfibre material ensures that this towel will last for years of pampered drying, making it a worthwhile investment for any household.

  • It's a massive 1169mm x 869mm 
  • Big enough to dry multiple bodies, even a whole family.
  • It's like having a thirsty sponge on steroids that can suck up every last drop of moisture.
  • Perfect for post slip-and-slide sessions - the huge capacity can dry you and all of your close mates with only a small amount of awkward touching.
  • Unique drying pockets keep the cloth from falling off of your hands, feet, or any other body parts you insert into it!

Upgrade your post-body wash routine with our large microfibre drying towel now!


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