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Ta Ta Tar

Ta Ta Tar

New powerful citrus formula, for easy cleaning of tar from your car.
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Our new citrus based Ta Ta Tar is made for Aussie road trips, to quickly clean fresh tar from your cars paint, trims and glass.

  • New citrus based formua is more powerful at removing tar, grime and even tree sap removal.
  • This new formula doesn't smell like petrol death and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Safe on clear coated paint, chrome, alloy, glass, wheels and most plastics.
  • Watch it instantly dissolve light and heavy fresh tar deposits.
  • Fast and easy to use, spray on and wipe, then wash off with suds and water.
  • We like to use it with a damp Dirty Deeds cloth for best effect.
  • No hard rubbing or scrubbing required.
  • Leaves a beautiful, clean surface finish and will remove waxes and some sealants.
  • Gets rid of hard to clean grease and oil smears as well.
  • It's a thick liquid, to allow for better dwell time and penetration time on vertical surfaces.
  • Works great as a white wall cleaner too.
  • Not made for poor quality, damaged plastics & polycarbonate headlights, ceramic coatings, single stage paint or exterior plastic trims.
  • Made and developed in Australia.
  • Product Code: BOTTT