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Snow Job 2 Litre

Snow Job 2 Litre

Satisfyingly thick pre-wash foam concentrate.
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We're bringing snow to all parts of the country with this effective, deep cleaning Australian developed and made pre-wash foam that we call Snow Job. It's been created for regular use on all cars, modern and classic, even those with sensitive paint finishes. The thick and long-lasting foam blankets the car, to loosen and dissolve heavier contaminants, oils and grit from the painted surface, so you're no longer grinding this dirt and grit into your paint while you wash.

This is the new formula that's now free rinsing, meaning once it's rinsed off, zero residue will be left behind on your paint like some other soaps can leave. It also includes anti-corrosion and anti-salt additives, which are especially good for 4x4s and classic cars.

Spray this through our awesome Snow Blow Cannon, to dramatically decrease the chance of getting any swirls or scratches when washing your car.

  • Our new Snow Job formula, for a touchless pre-wash of your vehicle, minimising the chance of any wash induced swirls and scratches in your paint.
  • Creates a super thick and long-lasting foam, for optimal dwell time and cleaning when used with a pressure washer and foam cannon.
  • Helps to loosen off any potentially scratching particles and grit from the paint surface.
  • Safe for regular use on polished metal, alloy, plastic, rubber, vinyl, paint, gel coat, Perspex and glass.
  • pH neutral, so it won't strip quality waxes, sealants and paint protection coatings.
  • Fast rinsing formula, for instant beading when pressure rinsed off Bead Machine, Beaut Beads, Happy Ending, Wet Dreams or professional ceramic coatings.
  • Can be a one-step wash for sea spray, salt build up, light dust on your car, boat, jet ski and bike.
  • Doesn't use NTA, PFOS or PFOA foaming agents that are toxic for you and our Aussie marine life.
  • Totally salt free and biodegradable formula.
  • Product Code: BOSNOWV22L