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Bowden's Own

Snow Blow Cannon

Snow Blow Cannon

For a touch-less pre-wash that helps avoid creating nasty swirl marks.
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Our Snow Blow Cannon is for fun and safe touchless washing. Snow foaming is a pre-wash system which has become popular with professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts. It's used before hand washing to reduce swirl marks and micro-scratching when washing. Attach the Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon to your pressure washer with the correct adapter, fill with water and the correct amount of one of our snow foam washes and you're ready to go.

  • Quality made and more advanced design, especially created for mega foaming action.
  • Unlike generic Snow Foam cannons, this is made with quality components to be tough and durable.
  • Stubby water bottle, so it won't tip over when filling or storing.
  • Bottle label is marked for easy filling with the correct ratio of snow foam solution.
  • Adjustable spray nozzle, from a wide fan to a strong jet.
  • Top air adjustment knob, to alter the amount of foam you wish to use.
  • Works best between 1700 - 3200 PSI of water pressure.
  • Taped and thread locked internals so it won't leak like cheaper, poorly constructed generic cannons.
  • Solid screw and lock in adapter mechanism, so it won't blow off or leak.
  • Includes 100mL Snow Job sample
  • Includes two adapters to fit Karcher K series and Gerni/ Kew/ Alto/ Stihl/ Nilfisk Pro pressure washers
  • Nine other popular adapters also available, our guide to choosing the right adapter for your pressure washer is here below: 
  • Product Code: BOSNOWP