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Snow and Blow Pack

Snow and Blow Pack

Get your Snow Job on with this great combo
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A great combination pack of the Snow Blow Cannon with our custom Snow Job foam wash, that was created for regular use on all cars; modern and classic, even those with sensitive paint finishes. The thick and long lasting foam blankets the car, to loosen and dissolve heavier contaminants and grit from the painted surface, so you're no longer grinding this dirt and grit into your paint while you wash. Spray this through our awesome Snow Blow Cannon, to dramatically decrease the chance of getting any swirls or scratches when washing your car. 

  • Our pre-wash foam is really effective at removing sea spray, dust and other heavier contaminants.
  • Super thick and long lasting foam for an optimum dwell and cleaning time.
  • With our foaming technique we use just 50mls of the foam solution per wash (giving you two washes in the 1 litre cannon bottle), or 20 washes from this 1 litre bottle. This makes it a lot more cost effective than the imports.
  • Safe and effective for many surfaces including polished wheels, plastic trim, vinyl and alloy.
  • If your car has light dust or sea-spray, it can be used as a touch-less one step wash.
  • Really dirty cars will still need to be hand washed with the two bucket wash method after use.
  • New advanced ingredients help rejuvenate and repair the protection and hydrophobicity of nano SiO2 protective coatings with repeated use.
  • pH neutral formula, so it's safe for regular use on quality waxes, sealants and paint protection coatings.
  • Does not use trisodium nitrilotriacetate (NTA), a potential carcinogenic foaming agent that can also create blindness - as used in other snow foams.
  • No salt in this formula and it's biodegradable as well.
  • Snow Job is an Australian made and developed formula.
  • For the best results, Snow Job is teamed up with our our Snow Blow Cannon. They need to be used with a good quality (1800 PSI and above) pressure washer for the best foaming effect. Watch and read our instructional guide in the "How To Use" tab.
  • Comes with Karcher K series and Gerni adapters, if you need another type of adapter please ask when ordering.