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Shiny Objects Tee

Shiny Objects Tee

Easily distracted by shiny things? (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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Do you get drawn in by chrome and deep lustrous paint? Can you easily lose hours buffing surfaces until you can see your reflection in them? As members of the "Shiny Stuff Addicts Anonymous" support group, we totally get it, and now the rest of the world will understand why you occassionally drift off mid-sentence around anything shiny.    

With a relaxed fit, excellent breathability and the soft/cool feel you can only get from a premium 100% cotton tee, this tee will become your go-to for detailing days... as well as any event where there may be sparkly or reflective surfaces. 

This tee is a top quality unit and proudly Aussie made, so you'll enjoy seeing its reflection in your chrome and paint for years to come.  

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