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Quick Cone

Quick Cone

For quick and easy metal polishing of flat and curved areas. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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The Quick Cone is designed for the fastest and easiest polishing of non-coated, polishable metals, whether they’re flat areas or more tricky curved areas like deep dish or wider spoked wheels. This cone uses quality low-density German foam with a firm foam tip and cut tabs at the base, for more uniform polishing on curves. A generic drill bit is securely moulded into the foam and will quickly fit all electric drills. Use with either of our metal polishes for stunning results on alloy, steel, stainless, billet aluminium and much more.

  • Makes it easy to get stunning results fast - so good that you’ll never polish by hand again.
  • The cone design is ideal for both broad and tight areas, as well as curved sections like deep dish wheels, wider spoke wheels and alloy bars.
  • Ideal for all non-coated and polishable alloy, steel, stainless, billet and aluminium.
  • Gives extra oomph to quickly clean off dulling oxidation, water spots and rust marks in no time.
  • Use with our liquid Metal Polish for more oxidised harder metals, or Shiny Stuff paste polish for finishing softer alloy and finer metals. 
  • Quality German low-density polishing foam, with thicker cut tabs for more efficient polishing power and better longevity.
  • A generic drill bit is securely moulded into the foam, to quickly fit all drills.
  • Washes clean with our Microfibre Wash, so you’ll be ready for plenty of polishing jobs well into the future.
  • Product code: BOCONE