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Bowden's Own



Eliminates stubborn and offensive odours from your car, van, truck and boat.
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If you have kids, pets, have a mouldy/musty smell coming from the AC, inherited a smokers car, or just have very mischievous 'mates' leaving prawn heads under your seats, this is the gear for you.

  • Effortlessly removes offensive "pongy" odours.
  • Using modern technology to encapsulate and neutralises odour molecules.
  • Eliminates many stubborn smells from the car, boat and house, including mould, smoke, pets, food, kids, smelly mates, beer, car sickness, and seafood smells.
  • We have found it good on sweaty race suits, helmets and boots as well.
  • Better long term effectiveness than a masking air fragrance.
  • Non toxic, safe for all cloth, carpet, vinyl and leather interior trim.
  • Leaves a subtle, fresh and clean fragrance.
  • Read more about eliminating bad odours from your car.

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