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Metal Polish

Metal Polish

Gives an epic mirror shine to your dull metals. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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We first made our Metal Polish back in 2005 and its been a steady periodic development of it with three upgrades since that time. This latest new "Tru Blu" version is by far our best yet. It has a new combination of fine non-dimishing and medium grade-dimishing abrasives for restoring the shine to dull and tarnished aluminium, alloy and other polishable metal surfaces. It's now even easier to use and the messy black residue now washes off with just water! It's also feels pretty "heavy" like our original formula, but great to use with electric drills and polishing balls and cones.

  • What we've made to be a fantastic metal polish for more oxidised and harder alloy and non coated polishable metal surfaces.
  • Gives a brilliant, mirror shine to dull and tarnished polishable metals with minimal effort.
  • New liquid formula, to make it easier for machine and hand polishing without worrying about it drying out.
  • Perfect for all aluminium, alloy, stainless, brass and magnesium auto/bike/boat/truck parts.
  • Our special blend of diminishing abrasives cuts through heavier oxidation, as well as removing light pitting and rust stains as well.
  • Only need a pea sized drop per application by hand, less is best for this formula.
  • Seals the metal so it stays shiny longer between polishes.
  • Any messy black residue from the polishing processs just washes off your hands and other surfaces with water.
  • Works great as a glass polish as well.... (its actually pretty epic for this!) 
  • Product code: BOMP

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