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Great Barrier Thingy

Great Barrier Thingy

Our Aussie made solution for helping keep grit at the bottom of our washing buckets. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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The Great Barrier Thingy is an integral part of our Safe Wash System, made up of our 3 dedicated 15 litre wash buckets for WashRinse and Wheels. The Great Barrier Thingy fits the easily identifiable buckets for washing and rinsing to dramatically reduce the chance of any grit and grime from scratching your car.. All Aussie designed and made, we've invested in local businesses to get this project done, keeping money in the local industry.

  • Helps stop swirls – Barrier allows dirt and grit to settle on the bottom ofthe bucket, safely separated from your washing tools.
  • New Rotary design – Tested and developed to create a better flow around the base fins, helping prevent grit and dirt particles rising back up into your washing tools.
  • Super tall base fins – To increase the distance between the bucket base and your wash tool.
  • Loves to go down – Made with a heavier, tough plastic so it won’t ever float while your washing.
  • Has the "wanky" B middle, so even the fattest fingers can pull it out of the buckets.
  • Is 26.5cm wide and has a nice depth of 8cm. 
  • Australian designed and made – To fit our Aussie made Wash, Rinse and Wheels 15 litre buckets.
  • Product code: BOGBT

Available with part code BOGBT and BOGBTT for the Double Banger pack, from many resellers.