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Fully Slick

Fully Slick

Our Version 2 - slicker, more protective and easier to use!
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Our original spray sealant that's become famous with car enthusiasts due to the beautiful slick feeling surface it leaves, now with an updated formula that's slicker, shinier and easier to apply. It will both protect and enhance the gloss and shine on your 4 or 2 wheeled friend. It's fast to use and has become our most popular paint sealants - we absolutely love it, and going by the awesome reviews we get for it, a lot of others do as well!

  • For the absolute slickest feeling finish, something true car enthusiasts love! 
  • Creates a protective, showroom high-gloss shine in one quick step.
  • Good for all paint types, from modern clear coats, to older single stage paints. 
  • Easy to use polymer based protection - lasts for multiple washes.
  • Nice hydrophobic formula, to help repel water and create some bead porn.
  • High lubricity to encapsulate dirt particles and help prevent scratches.
  • Boosts and builds extra paint protection between waxing.
  • Ideal to layer on top of quality carnauba waxes, increasing their shine, longevity and protection.
  • Won't leave a chalky white residue, just a perfect finish on all hard surfaces.
  • Safe for all paint types including older single stage paints, as well as glass, chrome and exterior hard plastic.
  • Apply before a road trip, so bug strike marks are easy to remove.
  • Fragrance matched to smell just like a fresh Bowen mango.
  • Big arse sized 770mL, makes it great value for money.
  • Works best with two Drop Bear towels, one for applying and a dry one one for removal.
  • Australian made biodegradable and earth friendly formula.
  • Product code: BOFS2