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Flash Prep

Flash Prep

An effective surface preparation spray to remove older waxes, silicones, fillers and oils.
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Flash Prep is a surface preparation spray to remove older waxes, silicones, fillers and oils from the surface, prior to applying last step products such as; modern waxes, sealants, trim restorers and even ceramic coatings. This step will improve your sealant's longevity on the surface. It uses a strong and effective formula that leaves zero residue and is safe for all surfaces including paint, plastics, headlights, glass, chrome and more.

  • Creates a perfectly clean surface, which is critical before applying modern waxes, sealants, plastic trim restorers and ceramic coatings.
  • Safely dissolves away silicones, polishing oils, fillers, hand prints, light grease, waxes, and older sealants.
  • Helps our Bead Machine sealant and Beaut Beads paste wax to get a stronger bond and increase their longevity.
  • Powerful pro-grade formula, to work fast and easy, with no residue.
  • Uses multiple types of alcohol to get a longer working time and better cleaning power. 
  • Lubricating formula, to help prevent micro scratches and marring.
  • Anti-static to help attract less dust to the clean surface. 
  • Will not remove professionally applied ceramic coatings.
  • Ideal for paint, plastic trims, glass, alloy, chrome and more.
  • Use this as the prep product before Bead Machine spray sealant, Beaut Beads paste wax and Mr Black for the best possible results. 
  • This product cannot be shipped overseas.
  • Product code: BOFPREP