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Fabra Cadabra

Fabra Cadabra

The magic deep-cleaning formula for many interior fabrics, including Alcantra
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A professional grade, fabric cleaning solution that really works. The all-new 2022 deeper cleaning formula is even better at removing dirt, oil, yellowing and most other stains, also great at removing odours too. With the vast amount of late model cars using fabrics for interiors, we custom made this just for the task. As it's solvent free, it's ideal for cleaning the more delicate Alcantara and micro-suede materials as well.

  • A magic cleaner for interior fabrics.
  • Innovative deep-cleaning formula gently removes dirt, oil and most other stains.
  • Safe for all cloth and fabric including modern Alcantara and micro-suede, carpet, car mats, canvas and even hood linings.
  • No harsh solvents or aggressive cleaners that could damage fabric or stitching.
  • Cleans away fresh food stains, mud, soft drink spills, coffee, beer, ice-cream, car-sickness, gym sweat, evidence of back seat romps and furry friend mishaps.
  • Anti static and colour-safe formula to help preserve and rejuvenate fabrics.
  • Fresh fragrance deodorises and removes odours as it cleans.
  • Clean with Fabra Cadabra, then protect with Fabratection, our water based, super hydrophobic fabric protector.
  • Read more about the magic of Fabra Cadabra