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Dry Spell Pre-Spray

Dry Spell Pre-Spray

Our ready-to-use bottle, all refillable from the Dry Spell concentrate. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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This extremely handy and refillable pre-spray is from our Dry Spell Pack for rinseless washing. We have made it available separately here for those who opted for the 1-litre bottle over the pack and later feel they may like our bottle. Already mixed with the Dry Spell rinseless wash at a 40:1 dilution ratio, using high-quality distilled water so it works its best, with zero chance of your paint getting mineral-based water spots. Use this to spray down each panel, doing one section at a time, to help lift and loosen any dirt and grime on the paint, before moving on to the Dry Spell and The Plushcious cloth wipe-down.

  • For when you don't have access, or wish to use a hose for washing - away on a road trip, in your garage, race weekends or during water restrictions.
  • pH neutral, so it's compatible with waxes, sealants, paint protection and professionally applied ceramic coatings.
  • Specialised lubricating surfactants lift light to moderate dirt, with protective polymers encapsulating the dirt, to help prevent micro scratches and swirl marks.
  • Safe for all surfaces, including paint, plastic, rubber, alloy and glass.
  • Australian made and developed, salt-free and eco-friendly, biodegradable formula.
  • Refill this later at the 40:1 ratio from the Dry Spell concentrate, saving you money for years to come. 
  • This is available with a 1-litre bottle of the Dry Spell concentrate in our Dry Spell Pack as well. 
  • Product code: BODRYPM