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Dry Spell Pack

Dry Spell Pack

Our rinseless washing pack for light to moderately dirty vehicles. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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Wash your car in a quarter of the time with our fast and easy rinseless washing system. Made for cleaning light to moderately dirty vehicles - you only need this pack, a couple of buckets (one with water), 6-8 plush microfibre cloths and a drying towel to quickly clean your vehicle. 

  • For when you don't have access to running water - away on a road trip or race weekend, living in an apartment complex with no wash bay or during water restrictions.
  • Can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors, for a quick wash of your light to moderately dirty daily driver, classic car, bike, race car, boat, jetski or plane - with no need to rinse off with water.
  • Specialised lubricating surfactants lift light to moderate dirt, grime & dust particles from the surface, with protective polymers encapsulating them to help prevent micro-scratches and swirls.
  • Streak and smear free, leaves your paint with a lovely shiny and slick feeling finish, much more than any traditional wash shampoo can.
  • Wash in a quarter of the time compared to setting up and using a traditional wash with a hose.
  • Product code: BODRYP 

What's in the box?

  • Dry Spell Pre-Spray - 500mL. A handy pre-spray trigger sprayer, pre-mixed at a 1:40 ratio with distilled water, ready to go.
  • Dry Spell wash concentrate - 1L. A super concentrated rinseless wash solution. Mixed at a 1:200 ratio in a bucket (40mL to 8 litres of water).
  • Handy measuring cup to accurately measure your liquids.

It's easy to use too: 

  1. Pre Spray - working on one panel at a time, spray on liberally and leave for 2 minutes to lift lighter dirt and grime.
  2. Mix - add 40mL of concentrate to a bucket with 8L of water.
  3. Wipe - put The Plushcious cloths into the Dry Spell solution bucket and then gently wipe the vehicle down with the highly lubricated cloths.
  4. Dry - dry down with The Big Green Sucker with some Boss Gloss, or After Glow with the Big Softie cloths.

The 1L concentrated formula will make a combination of approximately 18 bottles of Pre Spray solution AND 18 buckets of wash solution, enough for 36 washes of regular to medium-sized vehicles.