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Detailing Definition Tee

Detailing Definition Tee

Only a passionate detailer knows the feeling. (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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We've all been there right - you've spent an age getting your car looking just right, only for it to be carpet bombed by a passing bird. In this classically styled tee, you'll be getting those knowing looks and subtle head nods of acknowledgment from fellow enthusiasts, because only an enthusiast knows the feeling. 

With a relaxed fit, excellent breathability and the soft/cool feel you can only get from a premium 100% cotton tee, this tee is a top quality unit and proudly Aussie made.

The classic white on black print is the epitome of understated style and ideal for those more formal events, chuck on a bow tie and jacket and you're ready for even the most swanky do's. 

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