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Big Softie

Big Softie

This plush cloth cuts time in removing waxes, cleansers, glass cleaners and detail sprays.
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If you’re after a decent sized and super effective quality microfibre cloth, this is made for you. The Big Softie is a short pile, feather soft ultra microfibre, ideal for removing wax, cleanser, polish, detailing sprays and glass cleaners from delicate surfaces. Our new micro-soft edges are soft and gentle for a perfect finish, without scratches and swirls!

  • Two sided, low pile for removing cleansers, waxes and polishes.
  • Plush pile for glass cleaners and detailing sprays, spray waxes and that final gentle buff.
  • Created with a new premium grade, split ultra microfibre, for an even faster cleaning experience.
  • Large 40 x 50cm in size, 350 GSM, using a high quality 70% polyester 30% polyamide blend.
  • Safe and gentle micro-soft edges, so help prevent swirls and micro scratches.
  • Washable, non linting and durable material, that will last for hundreds of uses.
  • Super soft and plush, to appease any genuine car fanatic.
  • 2 different piping colours, to separate use with different products.
  • Can also get a matching Circle Work applicator pad as well.
  • Ideal for buffing off cleanser, polish and wax residues.
  • Most importantly, this cloth gives you a professional finish with less time and effort.
  • Read more about the many uses of the Big Softie.

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