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2 Bucket Wash Kit

2 Bucket Wash Kit

Two Bucket Wash Kit (Currently available only from our Aussie website. Pricing in AUD)
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The simple act of car washing is where most damage occurrs to car paint, with swirls marks and micro scratches being created from a combination of bad wash techniques and unsuitable wash products. This is why we created a modern wash system to dramatically reduce the chance of ever scratching your car. This 2 bucket wash kit is a big step towards the safer washing of your loved car. It comes with the following items: 

  • 15 litre Wash Bucket – For your clean wash suds water.
  • 15 litre Rinse Bucket – For rinsing your washing accessories free of grit and grime and keeping your wash bucket water safe and clean .
  • 2 x Great Barrier Thingys  – Aussie made and non floating, a perfect fit for the bottom of each bucket, helping prevent swirl creating grit from getting into your wash tools.
  • 1 x bucket lid - To seal your bucket off from dust and dirt when storing between washes. 
  • Quality Australian designed & made bucket lid & grit guards.
  • Product code: BOBK2

(Bucket designs may vary)

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