Waxing, It’s a Brazilian Thing

Waxing, It’s a Brazilian Thing

Waxes are a cost effective, sacrificial, oil based protective barrier for the surface of your car.

This protective barrier contains a degree of naturally sourced wax, usually of the carnauba type. Carnauba wax is the most naturally occurring hard wax. It comes in flakes from a palm, Copernicia Prunifera, that's native to northeastern Brazil (yes, it's a Brazilian wax)

This is where our liquid ‘Carnauba Body Wax and spray ‘Lazy Wax’ come into play. Developed from the start with the consumer in mind - both utilise T1 Carnauba wax, are super easy to use, give a phenomenal glow and finish, and are safe for continued and repeated use.

We recently lifted the goal posts on wax, by creating our ‘Beaut Beads’ Paste Wax. Lovingly blended and filled by hand, using only the finest wanky ingredients available, ‘Beaut Beads’ produces amazing shine, depth & reflections, thanks to a blend of 55% (by wax volume) T1 Carnauba, as well as Montan, Beeswax and other natural essential oils.

Wax On, Wax Off...

‘Carnauba Body Wax’ is applied with our ‘Circle Work’ applicator, then buffed off with our ‘Drop Bear’ microfibre cloth

‘Lazy Wax’ is applied by spraying onto one folded ‘Drop Bear’, then buffing off with another.

‘Beaut Beads’ is applied with its supplied applicator pads, then buffed off with a ‘Drop Bear’

All of our waxes can be protected and enhanced by our sealant range – ‘Bead Machine’, ‘Wet Dreams’ & ‘Happy Ending’ will all work well here..

As we like to say, ‘wax is definitely not dead’, so head into your local Repco to find our liquid ‘Carnauba Body Wax’, ‘Lazy Wax’ spray wax’ & ‘Beaut Beads’ paste wax.... and our full range of sealants!

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