Our Detailing Sprays – What Works Best?

Our Detailing Sprays – What Works Best?

A quick little guide describing the differences between our detailing sprays.

We did a guide on our different detailing sprays a few years ago and thought with the recent release of our super hydrophobic products, it would be a good time to give it an update!

We have a good selection of sprays, as we love them for their ease of use and for different cars we have and love. For this reason, they are all a little bit different in how and where you might use them to suit different needs and purposes.

We do understand that having so many different sprays could seem confusing to some, so w have put them into three separate categories, as well as in their order of protection too. I have also added our main uses for each one. So, read on to help find the one, or the combination, that will suit you best.


Clean Detail - Our Cleaning Detail Spray

The name best describes what it’s used for, as it has the highest level of cleaning power of all of our sprays, and consequently the lowest protection value. It’s also one of the easiest to use as it evaporates off faster, leaving no residue.

Best Uses: We like it for cleaning the more light grime in dirtier areas around the car, like door jambs, engine bays, greasy hand prints, front grills, mould on interiors, removing fresh bird or bat poo, fresh tree sap - basically for anywhere you don’t or cannot rinse off with water afterwards. It’s also the one we recommend to use on satin or matte finishes as it leaves the best finish on them. This one is not protective and is not suitable to use after applying waxes or sealants. Our next sprays are far better suited for this task.

Click here for the Clean Detail users guide


Boss Gloss - Our Quick Detailing Spray

We made this for the car show and collector car crew, who need a fast and easy to use detailing spray that amplifies the gloss and leaves a lovely, slick feeling finish. It's not as protective as our other sprays, making it ideal for a special 2nd car or bike that doesn't need a lot of protection as it only leaves the garage or shed for special appearances on the weekends. As it dries so fast, it’s also less susceptible to smearing on days when it’s cold or raining.

Best uses: For modern clear coat paints, or older single stage paints too. You can use Boss Gloss at the car show or just before you go on a cruise for a fast shine up of the paint, plastic trim and chrome. You can also use Boss Gloss on top of any waxes or other sealants, to give them a quick top up of gloss and shine.

It has great lubrication, so it’s ideal to remove light dust with our Drop Bear towels as well as being the go-to product for a clay lube.

One of our best combinations is to use Boss Gloss with the Big Green Sucker drying towel as a drying aid, also to further lubricate it, allow it to hold more water (it’s a hygroscopic, water absorbing, formula) and leave a better, spotless finish. This combination can be used to dry any surfaces that have the newer super hydrophobic sealants on them too. Importantly, you need to machine wash the towel after each use, helping prevent the towel from repelling water, which can happen over time if you were to use After Glow or any more protective detailing sprays in it. 

Click here for the Boss Gloss users guide

Lazy Wax - Our User Friendly Carnauba Wax

Lazy Wax is very different to everything else here, as it’s a genuine carnauba wax spray. It has a more natural base to its formula and leaves a beautiful, deep looking glow, thanks to the carnauba wax in it. It's also a lot thicker than the other sprays due to this same high wax content.

Being more organic in its nature, like most waxes, it doesn't have the greatest longevity in the outdoor elements. But, it does offer a fantastic depth and a glow that only a carnauba wax can give, especially a few hours after it's cured.

Best uses: For modern clear coat paints, or older single stage paints too. We’ve found it’s remarkably good for any darker coloured cars and metallic finishes. Be aware that it's not suitable for use on wet surfaces or as a drying aid due to the natural oils and waxes in its formula.

Click here for the Lazy Wax users guide

After Glow - Our Drying Aid for Perfectionists

Still one of our best formulas to date. This is a pure drying aid that you use with a damp Big Softie microfibre cloth to dry your car. It’s made for the more pedantic perfectionist who wants a reflective shine, nice protection and a perfect finish in one go. 

Best uses: To dry your car with. It is highly recommended for dark and black coloured cars due to the perfect drying and reflective finish, also as it doesn’t hold dust, so your car will stay cleaner for longer. We have also found it won’t affect the super hydrophobic sealants like Happy Ending, Wet Dreams and Bead Machine, so you can use it to dry after using these products, which is pretty awesome.

Click here for the After Glow users guide

Fully Slick - Our Slickest Feeling Sealant for Fanatics

Our original spray sealant that's renowned for its high gloss, as well as having the slickest feeling finish from everything we have made to date. It’s great to use by itself, or to seal and lock in a carnauba waxes glowing shine. It also has great value as our entry level sealant too.

Best uses: For modern clear coat paints, or older single stage paints too. I personally LOVE the beautiful super slick feel this leaves on our classic cars. Great to apply a couple of hours after the carnauba wax as well as after every couple of washes for quick protection and shine to the car. It loves white and light-coloured cars as well as metallic finishes. Protection lasts up to a month or longer if the vehicle is well looked after and garaged. If you want a little more protection, you can apply and second layer of Fully Slick an hour after the first coat too. It creates nice water beading, but it’s not made to be used on top of our newer super hydrophobic products, as it can affect their more intense water beading.

Click here for the Fully Slick users guide


Wet Dreams - Our After-Wash Super Hydrophobic Sealant

A new generation, easy maintenance product that is unique and time saving in that you use it on a wet car after a wash. Simply spray it onto the wet surface, wipe it over with a Big Softie microfibre cloth and then hose it off. It’s one of our best for great protection (lasts about two to three months), awesome shine, super hydrophobic water beading and sheeting all in one go. It's fantastic to use on ceramic coated cars as well. 

Best uses: For all modern clear coat paints that are in good condition. Ideal for boosting shine and prolonging the life of ceramic coated vehicles as well. It will give a big boost of shine and protection after a wash and is ideal to use as the maintenance topper for the Bead Machine sealant (the next product in this list) every couple of months. We use this on our freshly cleaned wheels every few weeks to help make them easier to keep clean. Wet Dreams is recommended for people who don’t use a pressure washer. We recommend it for motor bikes and other vehicles like convertibles or utes with vinyl tonneaus, as you can easily control where the spray goes. If you use a pressure washer, also have a look at our Happy Ending finishing foam which is used with our Snow Blow Cannon and offers very similar levels of shine and protection. 

Click here for the Wet Dreams users guide

Bead Machine - Our Most Protective Super Hydrophobic Sealant

Our latest and greatest - it’s the most protective and long-lasting product we have released to date. It’s made for modern cars and car fanatics who love a bit of decent bead porn and water sheeting action. You use it on a dry, clean surface to get a smooth and highly hydrophobic finish, which helps prevent mud, dirt and other grime sticking to it, helping make it easier to keep clean. 

Best uses: Best on modern clear coat paints that are in good condition. Use it with two Big Softie cloths, one to apply, and one to buff off for a remarkable shine, great protection and longevity (we see about 3 to 6 months on good quality paint). It can also be used on carnauba waxes to further bolster and lock in the warm glow they are renown for. Perfect to use on ceramic coated cars, prolonging the coatings' life, boosting the hydrophobic water action and shine in one easy application. You can use either Wet Dreams or Happy Ending to maintain it as well. 

Click here for the Bead Machine users guide 


We hope this short article has helped you out - we have put a link to each respective product users guide, which runs into great depth on using each of these as well. 

If you have any questions about this article or our different sprays in general, please feel free to email our team on info@bowdensown.co.nz or call us direct during business hours Monday to Friday on 0800 351 308.

Love your car,

Dan Bowden

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