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Nano Wash 500ml (ideal for modern finishes/graphics) BONANO $27.20
Nano Wash 2 litre (excellent on protective coatings) BONANO2L $75.00
Wash Wax 2litre (great on older paint and also for boats) BOWW $39.99
Wash Wax 500ml Summer edition (blue) BOSUMMERWW $22.75
Auto Body Gel (Ideal for frequent washing -non streaking) BOABG $24.00
Snow Job (touch free pre wash deep cleaning) 2 litre BOSNOW $69.20
Snow Blow Cannon BOCANNON $121.00

Detailers/Drying Aids Wax sealants/ Paint Protection

Happy Ending 1 litre – applied with Snow Cannon. Finishing foam for a super shiny finish - quickly BOHAPPY $68.00
Happy Ending Bottle only with lid - for Snow Cannon BOHBC $24.00
Wet Dreams 770ml Finishing spray for a super shiny finish – no water blaster required. BODREAMS $48.00
Boss Gloss 750ml (drying aid, fast shine, can be layered on waxes) BOBOSS $24.70
After Glow 500ml (fast shine and protection, drying aid) BOGLOW $39.60
Three Way. Fast shine and protection, drying aid BO3WAY $40.00
Fully Slick (High protection. Likes light colours & metallics) BOFS $31.00
Lazy Wax (spray) (not a drying aid – car must be dry)(genuine wax, likes dark colours & metallics) BOLW $37.00
Carnauba Body Wax (easy to use, briliant shine) BOABW $39.70
Paint Cleanse and Restore (non abrasive paint restorer) BOABC $34.70
Metal Polish (long lalloys, stainless, chrome, magnesium) Hand or machine applciation. BOMP $39.20
Clean Detail (fast, more for cleaning and quick detailing) BOABD $29.80
Fine Claying Rubber (faster, cleanable alternative to clay bar) BOFCRBIG $50.00
Fine Clay Bar (for the tricky parts the rubber can’t reach) BOFCB $34.50

Windscreen, Glass Cleaner, Tyres, Wheels & Tar Removal

Wipe Out windscreen washer additive - 1 litre. BOWOUT $37.00
Naked Glass (streak free, removes haze & grime fast) BONG $20.20
Tyre Sheen. (Lasting sheen that doesn’t fling onto the car) BOTS $31.00
Ta Ta Tar (Fast Acting, Dissolves Tar, Paint Safe) BOBT $32.00
Wheely Clean. (fast easy way to remove brake dust) BOWHC $33.00
Vinyl/Leather Vinyl Care (ultimate protection for interior vinyl) BOVC $29.99
Vinyl Revival protection for exterior vinyl, plastic & rubber. BOVREV $35.80
Leather Love (cleans/conditions modern leather) BOLL $31.20
Leather Guard (protection against wear and abrasion) BOLG $39.50

Cleaners/ Other Very Handy Products

Fabratection Super hydrophobic fabric protectant BOFTECT $58.00
Orange Agent (heavy duty citrus cleaner/degreaser) BOAO $19.30
Sublime Clean (exterior plastics, removes old silicone) BOSLC $32.40
Fabra Cadabra (interior fabrics/carpet etc) BOFAB $31.40
Bugger Off (breaks down bugs fast for easy removal) BOBO $24.
10 Microfibre Wash 1litre (restores softness and absorbency) BOMWASH $31.20
Rubber Off (removes the rubber after a track day) BORUB $27.30
Pong Go (removal of stubborn odours) BOPGO $34.99
Melt Down waterless frost and light ice remover BOMELT $31.00
Magic Rub Bar removes stubborn marks & chemical residue BOMRB $8.70
Weatherproof lead protector use with water blaster BOAMPFIBIAN $80.00
Brushes Little Chubby Soft bristles for wheel faces and tyres BOCHUBBY $37.00
The Foursome Brush Pack Soft touch bristles – use for engine/interior and engine bays BO4SOME $37.00
Wheel Woolies 3 pack Super soft brushes for wheels BOWWOOLP3 $114.00
Wheel Woolies 4 pack Super soft brushes for wheels BOWWOOLP4 $184.00
Big Black One. Ideal for wheel arches and engine bays BOBLACK $45.00

Microfibre Products

Big Green Sucker. Fast Drying Towel (Super absorbant drying towel) BOSUCK $48.50
Shagtastic Wash Pad (Scratch free washing. Holds dirt in the pile. Super sudsy. Super effective) BOSHAG $29.60
Shagmittastic Wash Mitt mitt version of Shagtastic pad BOSHAGM $30.00
Love Glove (Washing hard access areas: bumpers, wheels, grills, vents, mirrors, door handles etc) BOWM $24.99
Big Softie Blue (Ideal for buffing off cleaner, polish, wax, glass cleaner) BOBCP $19.00
Big Softie Orange (See above) BOBCY $19.00
The Wash Pillow Great for largers cars/SUV’s/Ute’s & trucks BOWPILLOW $37.00
Drop Bear Cloth (Smear free: use for buffing off glass cleaners and detailers) BODBEAR $31.00
Circle Work Blue (Applicator mitt: polish, wax & cleaners) BOAMP $23.50
Circle Work Orange (See above) BOAMY $23.50
Dirty Deeds (2 pack, 1 purple edged, 1 orange) (Tough and Dirty jobs – Meatl polishing) BODD $22.00
Plush Daddy. (Interior – vinyl, leather & fabrics) BODADDY $21.00
Square Bear (for applying Interior products) BOSBEAR $19.75
Muffy Sponge BOMUFF $22.30
Glass cloth Quickly cleans away inner windscreen haze BOGC $15.00

Buckets etc for Easier Cleaning.

Great Barrier Thingy Grit Guard. BOGBT $23.00
Wash bucket BOBWASH $29.00
Rinse bucket BOBRINSE $29.00
Wheels bucket BOBWHEELS$29.00
Mircofibre bucket with lid for storing your cloths BOBMICRO $34.00
The Hose Slide 2 pack. BOHOSLIDE $42.50

MiniMe travelling kits – 125ml bottles for your roadtrips.

Road Tripper Pack: Wheely Clean, Nano Wash, Bugger Off, Boss Gloss & Naked Glass. BORTP $50.00
Little Details Pack: Nano Wash, Paint Cleanse & Restore, Lazy Wax, After Glow & Naked Glass. BOLDP $61.00
The Inside Job Pack: Leather Love, Leather Guard, Vinyl Care, Pong-Go, Fabra Cadabra. BOIJP $63.00

Pressure Wash Adapater For use with Snow Blow Cannon

Karcher K series Adpater e.g. K2, K4 etc – Bayonet style BOADAPTER1 included
Gerni/ Stihl/ Alto/ Nilfisk Professional adapter BOADAPTER7 included
Kar Pro HD-HDS M22 female BOADAPTER3 $15.40
Kranzle M22 male adapter BOADAPTER4 $15.40
B&D/Ryobi etc BOADAPTER9 $15.40 Contact: David Aucamp Tel: 09 274 9376 Mob: 027 2949 030 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.